Do I need to create a personal account to use BCIN?

No, you don’t need to create a personal account to browse the database and use most of the functions of the platform. Only some functions, such as the use of lists or for adding comments to records will require that you first log in with your personal credentials.

How can I create my own account in BCIN?

Go to ‘Login’ on the top right of the page and create your account following the instructions on the pop-up windows. You will receive an email with verification instructions. The link in the email will redirect you to the login in BCIN.

How can I login?

If you already have a BCIN account, simply log in to proceed with registration. If you forgot your password, please write to info@bcin.info. You must be logged in for the following functions:

PLEASE NOTE: Without login your search queries, selection and items in the bookbag can only be saved for the current browser session.

Log out after each session to protect your account.



Can I email the bibliographic information?

Yes. To email the bibliographic information of the selected item click on the ‘Email’ icon and insert the address of the sender and the recipient in the pop-up-window, then click on send.

How can I export my bibliographic records?

From the search results, select ‘Export’ for the document citation you want to export.

You can choose between various methods of export. Select the one that suits to you and click on export. If you want to export multiple citations, select the records checkboxes from the search results list, then select ‘Export’

PLEASE NOTE: Not all export funcions may currently work 100% accurately, they are currently in the process of being mapped.


Can I create my personal lists?

Yes, patron have the possibility to create their personal private or public lists. First, select the items you would like to include in a list from the search results by clicking on the checkboxes. Click the ‘Save’ icon to add the citations to a list. Select a list from the drop-down menu in the dialogue box or create a new list. Provide a name for the list (required) and add description (optional), then select a privacy preference:

Click on ‘save’ to save the selected items to the list.

Can I print selected items?

Select one or more result from the search results by clicking on the checkboxes. Click on the ‘Print’ icon. Follow the instructions on the dialogue box.

Can I select multiple results?

Yes, you can make a selection of multiple results by clicking on the checkboxes or by clicking on ‘Select page’ to select all results of one page.

PLEASE NOTE: You can select the number of search results that are displayed on one page from a minimum of 10 results to a maximum of 100.


How can I sort my results?

The default sort option of your search results is the relevance to your search terms. You can change the sorting order using the ‘Sort’ drop-down menu at the top right of your results.

How can I use the Book Bag function?

The Book Bag allows you to collect search results. There is no need to be logged in to use this function. From the Book Bag items can be viewed and managed, saved to lists, emailed, exported and printed. Select multiple items if you want to delete them and click on ‘Empty Book Bag’ to clear all results.



Do you have any other questions or would you like to make a comment? Do you have problems with BCIN?

Please contact library@iccrom.org